The Art of Flower Arrangement Interaction

In April 15th 2015, Genesis Capital Corporation was honored to have Canadian’s famous master of flower arrangement, Hegao Zhang, to give Genesis’s clients a fascinating lecture of flower arrangement.The guests showed great interest in the art of flower arrangement. They communicated and interacted with the lecturer a lot by consulting professional knowledge in flower arrangement. Genesis has prepared all kinds of fresh flowers for our guests to DIY their own art pieces and to take them back home to share with their family. Flowers with all the enthusiasm, emotion, nobleness, and joy expressed Genesis best wishes to our noble clients.


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Gentai Capital Corporation’s Seminar specializing in Law

Gentai Capital Corporation has held a seminar of Law on March 11th 2015, which is the second seminar of the series. Gentai had the honor of inviting Christina Wang as the lecturer to demonstrate to our clients about details in land trading, real estate trading, and commercial business.


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