【Activity Review】27th Gentai Capital SavourLife Activity: Mid-autumn Ice Crust Mooncake Making Class

On the occasion of the Moon Festival, Gentai Capital hosted the Mid-autumn Ice Crust Mooncake Making Class, the 27th Gentai Capital SavourLife Activity. The reception among the shareholders was so well that a second session was added. The class was held at the 2nd floor Meeting Room of Canada Berries. Thanks to the meticulous planning of Gentai, our shareholders and friends had a fun and pleasant time making mooncakes in an elegant and peaceful environment. The aroma of the baked cakes together with the sweet scents of berry wines added to the festive atmosphere.

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Before the class started, Investment Relationship Manager Anya gave a brief overview of the current status of the company, including our estimated goal for annual return, the renovation of the new office building, and a tentative plan of the 5th Annual Shareholder Meeting. This was followed by a Q & A session where Anya answered shareholders’ questions accurately and explicitly, and shareholders expressed their appreciation for the operation and profitability of the company and were pleased about the stable growth and expansion of the company. Thanks to such a professional management team, the shareholders are able to enjoy stable, high-return, and hassle-free investment products.

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Finally, it was time to learn how to make ice crust mooncakes! Instructor Yilin Zhang, who has 10 years of baking experience with students all over Greater Vancouver, was invited to explain and provide on-site instructions as to how the delicious ice crust mooncakes are made.

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First, the shareholders listened attentively to Instructor Yilin who demonstrated and explained the steps how fillings were made for two different types of mooncakes. Then, the shareholders were split into groups and set off the adventure of making the mooncakes by themselves under Yilin’s guidance!

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All of a sudden, our shareholders turned into gourmet food makers. With the cooperation of the group members and with the instructions given by Yilin, our shareholders quickly got the hang of it. They made the fillings and doughs, steamed the doughs, did the wrapping and moulding, and finally produced their very own ice crust mooncakes.

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At lunch time, the shareholders enjoyed a feast with plenty of food prepared by Gentai, the mooncakes made by shareholders themselves, and the red wine. It was altogether an unforgettable experience!

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That concluded the 27th Gentai Capital SavourLife activity. Gentai Capital Corporation was pleased to reunite with the shareholders on the Moon Festival. Our shareholders not only took home a gift pack of additive-free mooncakes handmade by Yilin, but also a message of beautiful wishes and happiness to their families and friends!

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On the occasion of Moon Festival, Gentai Capital Corporation wishes our shareholders harmony, prosperity, and happiness.


Long-term Sustainable Wealth Building Starts With Gentai!



Gentai Capital Corporation

Oct 4th, 2017


logo FINAL 0117 2016

        VANCOUVER, –  June 30th 2017: Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (Genesis MIC) is pleased to announce today that its board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.02 per Class A preferred share of the Company. The 3RD Quarter Dividends will be deposited by no later than July 17th 2017. Online access to your account activity is available anytime via:  www.gentaicapital.com

As of June 30th 2017,  the amount of this Quarterly distribution is equivalent to $1,120,517.23, and the cumulative distribution has reached to $11,249,627.41


        Genesis MIC is a non-bank provider of residential and commercial mortgages. The Company's objective is to acquire and maintain a diversified portfolio of first and second mortgages in Canada that preserves capital and generates attractive returns in order to pay quarterly dividends to its shareholders. The Company focus on short-term bridge financing needs not currently serviced by larger financial institution. Gentai Capital Corporation is the manager of and portfolio advisor to the Company.

        Genesis Mortgage Investment Corp is a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) as defined in the Income Tax Act, so is not taxed on income provided that its taxable income is paid to its shareholders in the form of dividends within 90 days after December 31 each year. Such dividends are generally treated by shareholders as interest income. For further information, please refer to Gentai’s website at www.gentaicapital.com

Key Financial Data Analysis

       In the third quarter of 2017, Gentai Capital Corporation has maintained a stable and healthy growth, continuously delivering to shareholders an annual interest rate of 8% and an annual compound interest rate of 8.24%. The total amount of this quarterly distribution is CAD1,120,517.23, making it the 19th distribution of regular dividend in addition to one distribution of special dividend since since its inception in 2012. Up to June 30, 2017, cumulative dividend distributed has reached CAD11,249,627.41.

19 Regular Distributions and 1 special distribution by Genesis MIC 

(Up to June 30, 2017) 


Highlights of the 3rd Quarter

  1. Total mortgage interest of 1.54 million, a 11.59% increase compared to the previous quarter;
  2. Regular quarterly dividend continues at 2% with an annual rate of 8%, plus special dividend at year end, as determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. Average Loan-to-Value ratio is 57.93%.
  4. Mortgages receivable has reached $65.42 million, an increase of 5.24% compared with the previous quarter.

Continued focus on low-risk real estate sectors.

Quarterly Business Review

        Mortgage PortfolioCAD65,422,415.97. By Loan Type: Single houses, townhouses, condos, commercial properties, building and construction loans, among which commercial properties and single houses account for 38.44% and 35.12% respectively. By Property LocationA diversified geographical coverage to minimize risks.


        By Loan Interest: Average loan interest of 9.96% for the 3rd quarter, an increase of 0.14% over the previous quarter; diversified interest rates, mostly ranging from 8% to 12%.  


        Cashing in on years of lending experience and extensive lending channels, Genesis MIC lend in major urban centres where stability and liquidity of real estate are strong. We focus on loans that cannot be obtained from large financial institutions but comply with our lending guidelines to fill the lending gap caused by the limited number of financial institutions operating in Canada. When reviewing loan applications, we focus on borrower’s credit standing, personal background, and assets as well as location and value of the mortgaged property. Within the scope of our conservative and prudent lending policy, Genesis MIC, on one hand, provides owners and buildings of all types of residential and commercial properties in Canada with fast, flexible, and customized short-term mortgage solutions, including term, bridge, and construction financing, to help borrowers with property purchasing, refinancing, property renovation, project development or construction financing, and on the other hand, provides individual and institutional investors with low-risk, high-return mortgage investment opportunities by issuing short-term 100% high-quality property secured mortgage loans, focusing on high-asset borrowers, rigorous controlling of loan-to-value ratio, pursuing a national-wide lending initiative, and maintaining an investment portfolio diversified by size, geography, and property type.  


        Our strategy is to expand our business in an orderly fashion by gradually enlarging our geographical coverage and focusing on low-risk properties. Up to now, we lend not only in British Columbia but also in Alberta and Ontario, making solid steps towards our goal to lend throughout Canada. Genesis MIC’s mandate is to achieve capital preservation and deliver reliable, safe, continuous higher-than-average return to our investors through quarterly distribution of regular cash flow.

         On behalf of the elite group of Gentai Financial Group, we express our sincere thanks to your for your staunch support. Should you need more information, please contact our Investment Division (Anya) at 604-767-5880 or visit our website at www.gentaicapital.com .

For further information, please contact:

Anya Han

Relationship Manager

Gentai Capital Corporation

T: 604.279.0360 | 604.638.1580 | 604.218.9956 || C: 604.767.5880

E: anya.han@gentaicapital.com

【Activity Review】Gentai Capital's One day trip in Fort Langley

Our one-day trip to Fort Langley was one of the many SavourLife events Gentai has organized for our valuable shareholders. It was a journey of discovery, relaxation, and relationship building. Fifty enthusiastic shareholders went abroad the coach in the early morning of June 28, heading towards Fort Langley, the birthplace of British Columbia. Our first stop was the Village Antiques Mall. Travelling along the memory lane, our shareholders were mesmerized by the wide assortment of antiques. Vintage coffee tables, old fashioned jewelleries, classic chinaware, animal pelts and fur, etc. seemed to be telling us stories of the past. In a place like this, one could easily forget the passing of time. But we had more to discover. Our next stop was the Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park. Fascinated by the beauty and serenity of the park, our shareholders couldn’t help shooting one photo after another. All these walks must have worked up the appetite of the shareholders, who enjoyed a wonderful lunch at an authentic Chinese restaurant booked by Gentai before travelling to our last stop- Harrison Hot Spring. Travelling with Gentai is never boring. Apart from the exciting news we shared with our shareholders about our latest development and future prospect, we entertained them with quite a few interactive games on the bus, which our shareholders participated in high spirits. Through this trip, our investors learned the history of British Columbia, connected to the nature, were brought closer to each other. Together as a family, we have explored the unlimited blessings of our beautiful country which is celebrating its 150th birthday this year.


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【Activity Review】Gentai Capital's Sweetness of the Baking Lecture

On May 10th, 2017, we had anonther activity for our shareholders who all had a good time with Gentai Capital. This time, we invited professional bakers to teach our shareholders to do cake decorating. Our activity is becoming more and more poppular with time past. Gentai Capital is happy to provide all kinds activities for our shareholders to enjoy their life in Canada.  


Gentai Capital Corporation

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