【Activity Review】27th Gentai Capital SavourLife Activity: Mid-autumn Ice Crust Mooncake Making Class

On the occasion of the Moon Festival, Gentai Capital hosted the Mid-autumn Ice Crust Mooncake Making Class, the 27th Gentai Capital SavourLife Activity. The reception among the shareholders was so well that a second session was added. The class was held at the 2nd floor Meeting Room of Canada Berries. Thanks to the meticulous planning of Gentai, our shareholders and friends had a fun and pleasant time making mooncakes in an elegant and peaceful environment. The aroma of the baked cakes together with the sweet scents of berry wines added to the festive atmosphere.

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Before the class started, Investment Relationship Manager Anya gave a brief overview of the current status of the company, including our estimated goal for annual return, the renovation of the new office building, and a tentative plan of the 5th Annual Shareholder Meeting. This was followed by a Q & A session where Anya answered shareholders’ questions accurately and explicitly, and shareholders expressed their appreciation for the operation and profitability of the company and were pleased about the stable growth and expansion of the company. Thanks to such a professional management team, the shareholders are able to enjoy stable, high-return, and hassle-free investment products.

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Finally, it was time to learn how to make ice crust mooncakes! Instructor Yilin Zhang, who has 10 years of baking experience with students all over Greater Vancouver, was invited to explain and provide on-site instructions as to how the delicious ice crust mooncakes are made.

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First, the shareholders listened attentively to Instructor Yilin who demonstrated and explained the steps how fillings were made for two different types of mooncakes. Then, the shareholders were split into groups and set off the adventure of making the mooncakes by themselves under Yilin’s guidance!

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All of a sudden, our shareholders turned into gourmet food makers. With the cooperation of the group members and with the instructions given by Yilin, our shareholders quickly got the hang of it. They made the fillings and doughs, steamed the doughs, did the wrapping and moulding, and finally produced their very own ice crust mooncakes.

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At lunch time, the shareholders enjoyed a feast with plenty of food prepared by Gentai, the mooncakes made by shareholders themselves, and the red wine. It was altogether an unforgettable experience!

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That concluded the 27th Gentai Capital SavourLife activity. Gentai Capital Corporation was pleased to reunite with the shareholders on the Moon Festival. Our shareholders not only took home a gift pack of additive-free mooncakes handmade by Yilin, but also a message of beautiful wishes and happiness to their families and friends!

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On the occasion of Moon Festival, Gentai Capital Corporation wishes our shareholders harmony, prosperity, and happiness.


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Gentai Capital Corporation

Oct 4th, 2017