【Activity Review】Gentai Capital's One day trip in Fort Langley

Our one-day trip to Fort Langley was one of the many SavourLife events Gentai has organized for our valuable shareholders. It was a journey of discovery, relaxation, and relationship building. Fifty enthusiastic shareholders went abroad the coach in the early morning of June 28, heading towards Fort Langley, the birthplace of British Columbia. Our first stop was the Village Antiques Mall. Travelling along the memory lane, our shareholders were mesmerized by the wide assortment of antiques. Vintage coffee tables, old fashioned jewelleries, classic chinaware, animal pelts and fur, etc. seemed to be telling us stories of the past. In a place like this, one could easily forget the passing of time. But we had more to discover. Our next stop was the Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park. Fascinated by the beauty and serenity of the park, our shareholders couldn’t help shooting one photo after another. All these walks must have worked up the appetite of the shareholders, who enjoyed a wonderful lunch at an authentic Chinese restaurant booked by Gentai before travelling to our last stop- Harrison Hot Spring. Travelling with Gentai is never boring. Apart from the exciting news we shared with our shareholders about our latest development and future prospect, we entertained them with quite a few interactive games on the bus, which our shareholders participated in high spirits. Through this trip, our investors learned the history of British Columbia, connected to the nature, were brought closer to each other. Together as a family, we have explored the unlimited blessings of our beautiful country which is celebrating its 150th birthday this year.


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