Our Culture

Mission Statement

  • To establish a well-acknowledged brand and become a valued member of the community we serve
  • To deliver integrated and customized investment and lending services to our valued clients
  • To create a working culture full of passion, inspiration and opportunities to the employees whom we share a commitment to our values
  • To achieve long-term, sustainable returns and superior investment performance


Gentai Core Value


  • We deliver financial services to our valued clients with highest industry ethical standard.
  • Our goal is to reach 100% customer service satisfaction.
  • We make every effort to maintain a life-time partnership with investors and clients.


  • People are valued assets of Gentai. We are professional, high performing team players who share a commitment to our values.
  • We attract, develop and retain the best industry workforce and promotes personal development.
  • We believe in open and honest communication. We create inspiring working culture to achieve personal and corporate improvement.


  • We subscribe to the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and transparency in delivery of services.
  • Flexible and systematical risk management is our investment philosophy.
  • We are always ready to embrace new ideas and challenge established practices to adapt to the changing market.


  • We strive the deliver superior investment performance to maximize the investors return.
  • We are committed to make a positive difference to the community. 


Gentai Vision

  • 100% customer service satisfaction
  • Provide integrated financial services to clients
  • Long-term partnership to cooperate, bond and communicate
  • Long-term relationship with clienteles and continuous self-development
  • To deliver long-term, sustainable return and superior investment performance
  • Professional and best performing team and team leaders
  • Fun and inspiring working culture
  • To become a national recognized financial institution
  • Highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, integrity and transparency in delivery of services
  • To achieve economies of scale with stable and continuous development