Genesis Mortgage Investment Corp. (GMIC) is managed by Gentai Capital Corporation (GCC). GCC affiliated with Acer Mortgage Lending Corp. (AMLC) is a major Canadian non-bank mortgage lender which originates high quality mortgages on commercial and residential real estate. Until the establishment of Gentai in 2012, Acer Mortgage Lending Corp. had always placed non institutional loans with private lenders and consequently founded a private mortgage lender GMIC, qualifying as a mortgage investment corporation (MIC), which helps to fill this market void.

Gentai Capital Corporation, formerly known as Genesis Capital Corporation, was founded by Tina Mu and Peter Yang. While a senior business advisor with extensive experience in the banking and mortgage industries, Tina came to realize that large financial institutions often weren’t meeting the needs of property owners and developers due to limited number of large financial institutions in Canada. Recognizing the opportunity to provide short term financing for properties undergoing repositioning or developing, along with a mission to offer investors strong absolute long term return, Tina Mu and Peter Yang formed Gentai Capital Corporation in 2012, and Genesis Mortgage Investment Corp. was established at the same time.

Gentai Capital soon began to increase market share in British Columbia, especial in Chinese immigrant society. Borrowers appreciated our innovative structure, competitive rates and quick response on both commercial and residential properties. We also built a loyal following of private investors. Attracted by our stable returns, real estate backed security, rigid risk management, and distinguished corporate culture based on integrity and commitment, investors pool money in to GMIC. BC was our first market, we eventually started to expand in Landing area to Alberta and Ontario. 

Over seven years and three months of managing GMIC, GCC now manages a diversified mortgage portfolio valued over $144 million. Our in-house team of real estate financial specialists handle all aspects of mortgage financing: from loan origination, due diligence to funding and servicing.

The success of Gentai is due to its low tolerance for risk, strict adherence to prudent underwriting principles, experiences of its principles.